Polymeric materials

With the help of experts in the field of polymer industry, the company is fully prepared to consult and supply the raw materials of engineering polymers.

Industrial Lubricants

Years of experience in advising and selling a variety of specialized and specialized lubricants, taking advantage of the latest information of the day and relying on the experience of professionals with full knowledge of lubricants from the company's privileges.. .

The raw materials of rubber industries

In Kia Dana, we present a beautiful combination of affordable, high quality materials in rubber and paints. Now you have the best raw materials from the world's most trusted brands in the rubber industry :


اOther issues of this company are the supply of chemical products in waste water fields, industrial coatings and laboratory items...


We are active in these industries ...

Automotive and Transportation
Water and Wastewater
Petrochemical and refinery
Power plant


About Kia Dana Chemistry Co.

The most important activities and services of Kia Dana Chemistry are supplying and supplying various types of lubricants, oils and industrial chemicals. Also, with more than 20 years of manufacturing, supplying and selling chemical, agricultural and mineral raw materials, the company believes that it has been able to provide the right price and timely delivery of goods on the one hand and deliver quality goods and obtain ISO international certification. The quality of the active WTG company in the European Union ISO

9001: 2015
, on the other hand, attracts the trust of buyers.